Jason Chen’s Adventures in Hospitality

Jason’s Adventures in Hospitality has a special place in my heart, and was a HUGE undertaking. We made 72 videos, roughly 10 minutes long, that spanned two years of content for a Hotel Management program. That’s more footage than The Lord Of the Rings trilogy!

As the content was quite dry, I decided to add in a storyline. Jason Chen recently graduated from Tourism College and get’s a job as a Bell Attendant at The Big Hotel. We follow Jason as he moves up the ranks to his goal job of Concierge. We meet many other characters (which allowed me to introduce other job roles at a hotel) and even threw in a camping trip, a jewelry heist, and a wedding! As this was a story, I decided to simplify things and not have voice actors, only use a narrator. This save a lot of money and it was easy to edit, and get re-recordings and fixes done.

Here’s an example of the videos. This is near the end of the program, Jason has moved his way up the ladder. The Chapter was about “Hotel Security”. One thing of note is about the birds. In the beginning of Year 1, Jason meets an old man feeding the ducks at a pond, and Jason sits on the bench only to be swarmed by birds! The old man becomes his mentor as a retired Concierge.

If you’d like to explore this further, you can check out the demo content here.