Recently, I have been taking a practitioner certificate program for Canada’s Skills for Success. The SfS framework splits work and life abilities into nine skills within two categories. The following is my experience portfolio structured around the Skills for Success. The progress bars indicate my confidence level in each skill.

Problem Solving
Creativity & Innovation

💼 Work Experience

Director of Learning at 3A Learning, CHINA

Co-founded a hospitality education and technology company in China, specializing in customer service and cross-cultural communication. Demonstrated the ability to work cross-culturally both in person and on-line. Developing, marketing and finally training teachers and students in modern international service in English.

Hospitality Trainer / English Teacher, CHINA

Recruited to work in Chinese private schools and polytechnic colleges; developed curriculum, lesson plans, and assessments to deliver personalized recommendations for further study. Conducted workshops and led sales and demo classes to promote the training programs. Learned basic conversational Mandarin

Restaurant Manager / Server / Bartender

Self-motivated and enthusiastic customer service expert. Operated in high-end and high volume locations delivering unparalleled service. Demonstrated excellent people skills and complaint management techniques.


Marketed and sold Residential & Commercial Real Estate. Networking, marketing, client management, and contract negotiation.

General contractor, BC

Purchased, renovated, and sold houses as project manager and general construction worker. Self-developed knowledge in architecture, permits, and trades for each modification (plumbing, electrical, carpentry and general construction).

🛎 Social-Emotional Skills

  • Ability to quickly build rapport and put people at ease.
  • Project Managed teams around the globe to deliver tangibles on time and to specification.
  • Collaborated in large-scale training and technology projects on local, provincial and national levels.
  • Participated in and led professional development conferences and workshops; public speaking to large Industry groups.
  • Coached school administrators and teachers in moving from traditional instructional methods to more competency based education models and skill mastery.
  • Effectively communicated with customers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.
  • Provided post-sales support: Assisting customers with product installation, usage instructions, or addressing any post-purchase issues or concerns.
  • Adept at time management and meeting deadlines and completing tasks.
  • Used AGILE systems to quickly release deliverables, get feedback, update or pivot.
  • Lived in various locations around the world and adapted to local cultures.
  • Conducted needs assessments, designed and developed custom solutions.
  • Built effective teams for tech projects, marketing, and facilitating learning.
  • Resolved customer complaints effectively in high-end and fast-paced environments.
  • Created all artwork, exercises, assessments, and teaching guides for published textbooks.
  • Created 200+ educational and promotional videos.
  • Designed upgrades to homes and used creative methods of up-cycling or reusing resources.
  • Always a maker. Passionate about making music, art, crafts, and woodworking.

💻 Literacy Skills

  • Conducted research and assembled data from numerous sources for blogging, print articles, and published books.
  • Analyzed the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and gaps.
  • Evaluated essays and papers from students and workshop participants.
  • Authored published textbooks and training manuals for educational/ business training in China.
  • Published several articles in various magazines and newspapers.
  • 15 years blogging experience.
  • Wrote scripts and designed storyboards for videos.
  • Highly computer literate.
  • Extensive use of digital design and collaboration software.
  • Experienced with development and front-end design of 20+ WordPress websites.
  • Some experience with MySQL databases, PHP, Apache, Javascript while creating and maintaining back-end of websites, or creating custom functions and plugins.
  • Assisting customers with troubleshooting technical issues or guiding them through the setup and use of products or services.
  • Well versed in various Social Media sites and marketing best practices.
  • Microsoft Suite: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher,
  • Adobe Creative suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Collaboration Tools: Zoho, Google suite, Notion, Clickup, Trello
  • Maintained databases of scores and grades for students
  • Maintained inventory levels and stock for Beverage Operations in restaurants and bars.
  • Experience with practical engineering maths such as trigonometry to plan, measure, and construct building and renovation projects.

📚 Education

Skills for Success Practitioner Certification, Douglas College (Finish Spring 2024)

2013 / USA
Certified Hospitality Trainer, American Hotel Educational Institute

2004 / ON
Business courses, Sir Sanford Fleming College

1998-2001 / BC
General Studies, Simon Fraser University

Additional Certificates

FoodSafe, Serving it Right, First Aid, Superhost, Superhost Japan