Hi, I’m James

I am an experienced educator and leader with a passion for customer service, instructional design, training, and education technology.

I am a creator

Courses, books, websites… I like to make stuff.


Graphic design

Professional Summary

I have spent the last nine years as an owner of a Hospitality Education Company, creating language and service training textbooks, producing video and interactive content, and delivering training programs to university students in China.

I have a proven track record of success in managing large-scale education and training projects, designing and developing custom blended learning solutions, and building effective teams. I am a creative problem-solver who is adaptable, dedicated, and always eager to learn.

Educator / Writer / Workshop Facilitator

Instructional Design / Gamefication

Graphic Design

Web Design

Happy Customers

A spectacular Hospitality English language program that has never been designed before.
English language and Hospitality business has never been really integrated in a way to prepare talents with the essential competences required in this fast growing global industry.
The Hospitality English program not only teaches how to speak English but ensures speaking the right English using the right business terminology while learning the musts of the hospitality world.
George Ubbelohde
Learning a language is hard enough. In the service industry that welcomes visitors from all directions, understanding of different cultures and traditions is particularly critical.
When I opened this book, I was surprised to see the first chapter of “Cultural Differences” and found that editors used this spirit of not only learning languages, but also understanding and understanding industry culture throughout the entire textbook.
Vice President of Global Talent Management at Shangri-La Hotel Group