Hotel Skills Competition Webinar Series

Every year, Post Secondary schools across China clash in knowledge and skills battles across many diverse subjects. In association with GreenCloud PMS solutions and the China Hotel Association, I have been conducting a webinar series to help train for the competition.

This webinar series offers a comprehensive training program designed for students in the hospitality industry in Front Office and Restaurant roles. The series covers everything from elocution and greeting techniques to advanced customer service skills in English. Through a mix of role-play, real-world scenarios, and interactive Q&A, participants will gain the tools needed to excel in guest interactions and elevate the service experience.

Much of the language used in guest service is the same, regardless of your department or role. As students explore the topics below, they will find examples for both departments and see the connections and versatility of the language they master.

Webinar Topics

  1. Elocution, Wordstress & Greetings
    Master the art of clear speech, emphasize important syllables, and learn greeting techniques to make strong first impressions.
  2. The Guest Cycle: Service Language
    Understand the stages of guest interaction and the essential language to use at each phase for effective service at the front desk or in the restaurant.
  3. Requests & Recommendations
    Learn to accurately interpret and fulfill customer requests, while confidently making menu, product, service, or local attraction recommendations.
  4. Complaint Management
    Gain skills in identifying and resolving complaints using appropriate language and techniques.
  5. Active Listening
    Develop active listening skills to understand customer needs.
  6. WOW Service and Webinar Topics Review
    Summarize key learning points from previous sessions and discover advanced techniques to further refine your English skills and exceed expectations.